Four Things To Remember About Online Gambling

Now, some of these facts might be a bit obvious. The important thing to remember is we are learning together. Sometimes we all need a little reminder of what we should already know.

1) The Laws

Some laws might be different where you live. It is important to know that the US laws prohibit you from sports betting over the phone (I did not even know that).

Some people ask if it is illegal to gamble in the US or otherwise.

Let’s just say that this is too general a question. That is why the follow-up question is about where you live.

You also need to take a few steps further in terms of age. Some locations (the US and abroad) have a minimum age requirement. There are no documented cases online of anyone being arrested for gambling online. You are probably safe, but make sure that you are the consumer in the transaction. Google some laws online to find out for sure. Remember that it is based on where you live.

2) Fair Shot

You will find most games offer a “fair shot” at winning. I say “fair shot” kind of ironically. The reason is that every game has a house edge which includes the odds of winning. You should be fine if you know (going in) that the game is designed for the house to have a competitive edge. I mean, the Judi Online casinos are not going to just give the money away. That is not how it works. You are not going to get something for anything (no matter what they tell you).

One example is American Roulette. Bets on the black will pay even money. Casinos do not cheat, but you do have to know how the game is played.

3) Cashing Out Reviews

You should be aware that some casinos are going to make it difficult to cash out your money. You can also find online reviews about those challenges from various players. It is part of your responsibility to review and report this if it happens to you. Now, you do have to pay attention to some of the reviews.

Some casino webmasters will pay someone a hefty paycheck to promote their site through the review and get referrals. You may notice that those reviews end up being more of a brown-noser piece than an actual review.

The reason I mention that is sometimes those reviews get sneaked in in the middle of general complaints. They do that to balance it out.

Do your best to figure out which reviews are unbiased versus the ones that are not.

4) Online Bonuses

This is another example where you have to be careful as to which ones you choose. Some of the bonuses are more flash than subsistence. Sometimes the overall math is on the casino’s side when factoring in wagers and betting limits.

Best slot games for Indonesia

Hitting the sweet spot

Ever curious what the top online gambling slot games are in Indonesia? Look no further. As an online gambler, it can be difficult to find slot games that keep you interested and worth coming back. Here are a few in Indonesia that we found to be the most popular and won over the hearts of many.

Not just an ordinary dog

Red Dog Casino is a very popular online slot game in Indonesia. It is user-friendly and secure. The game was launched February of 2019 and hasn’t looked back since. It operates under a gambling license and players from around the world including the United States can enjoy it. One plus of the game is that it is extremely easy to navigate!

The hype around BoVegas

BoVegas is also an online game gambling that was launched in 2015 and has players worldwide. This is second on the list as far as popularity goes. With time and worthy patrons, the game eventually propelled itself to being one of the most critically acclaimed games – especially in Indonesia. With new bonuses, secure transactions, jackpots and rewards the game has become a crowd favorite.

Aging like wine – Cherry Gold

Next up is Cherry Gold Casino. It was first launched in 2011 under the jurisdiction of Curacao. One of the most enjoyable features (outside of the design) is the customer service experience. Cherry Gold has a strong team behind them who are ethical, incorporate new bonuses and rewards and constantly making upgrades to the overall experience. You can contact them via 24/7 email or phone/chat support as well, making them convenient when issues arise.

Lion takes the cake

The logo for the online gambling game Golden Lion is more than just that. It is a visual representation of the sleek experience of the game. Being partnered with BETSOFT, Rival and Vivo gaming definitely are to be credited for this experience. The gameplay runs smooth and has the same feel every time you play. There are no surprises; you won’t log in one day to a lagging game.

Last but certainly not least

Dewa898 is a newer site, but yet has been received well in a rather small period of time. The offer a good amount of games that are incredibly popular at the moment. Cherry picked for the most entertainment. Their most popular is probably agen slot online.

Proceed with caution

Being that Indonesia operates under strict laws regarding gambling, it is harder to find games that you can still enjoy. Do your research and be smart about it!

Betting on sports can be a fun way to spice up your viewing experience of the match

If you are looking for a way to improve your enjoyment of your favorite sports, you may want to consider betting on some of the sports that you like.

Placing bets can be a fun way to make watching a game even more enjoyable, as well as a way to increase your income if you are able to do it well.

Just be sure to bet responsibly and not to spend money you cannot afford.


Betting on sports is fun — Watching sports is exciting most of the time. It can be even more exciting if you choose to bet on a game or a sporting event you plan to watch.

After all, what is more exciting than placing a bet on a game and then cheering on the team or player you have bet on. If they do well, you will also be the recipient of a nice amount of cash at the end of it.


Betting against members of your family — You and another member of your family can even spice up your viewing experience even more by betting on sports you plan to watch.

This can be done by each of you choosing a different player or team to place bets on. You can even have private bets among yourself with the winner of the actual bets you play taking out the loser for dinner with his or her winnings. Find out more on 슈어맨.


Family teams — If you want every member of your family to get in on the fun, you can split up your family into teams and have each team bet on a different aspect of the game.

If you do, watching the game being played will be hugely exciting as each family team cheers on the person or team they placed bets on.


A gambling party — Some people that enjoy betting on sports even have betting parties where they invite their friends and family to watch the game.

Parties might include beer, a barbecue and even private betting among each other along with the bets that have already been placed online.

If you do decide to do that, you will have to decide how bets are going to be placed well in advance of the party. That way each person or team can place their bets online at their favorite casino well before the game actually starts.


Responsible gambling — If you do decide to do any of these things, however, be sure you only place responsible bets.

This means only betting amounts you can all afford and not trying to force others to place bets that may be too high for their budgets.

Stick to these quick rules, however, and betting on sports will really spice up your viewing experience.

Something to wet your appetite, check out this video on crazy gambling wins (not just on sports):

Horses, Baseball, and Football: The Trifecta of Sports Betting

Horse Racing

Horse racing has long been a popular sport in the Western world. People find it extremely entertaining to pick which horse and jockey they believe will win, and then watch these beautifully trained animals compete against one another in a contest of speed, agility, discipline, and raw talent. For as long as racing horses has been popular, betting on said races has been a favorite pass time for the sports fan with a little extra cash to earn. When betting on horse races, each individual better is allowed to choose a horse and predict the place that their horse will come in.

Many people have made tremendous amounts of money betting on large horse races, such as the Epsom Derby, the Everest, and the Sheema Classic. One especially attractive aspect of horse racing is the fact that betters may place bets on multiple horses, allowing them to theoretically increase the odds that they will emerge from their gamble victorious. Betting on horse racing is a long standing tradition and is a backbone to the sporting and gaming community.


Baseball is a classic American sport that has been played for well over one hundred years. Much like horse racing, betting on baseball games has been popular for about the same amount of time that baseball has been a sport; however, unlike horse racing, betting on baseball can be a bit more nebulous.

The most popular form of betting when it comes to baseball is predicting the outcome of a game on sites like 국내 야구. Depending on who the bet is placed with, this could be as simple as choosing the winning team or as complicated as predicting what the final score will be. For most recreational betters, this is the format in which bets are placed. There can be much more complicated betting in baseball, such as predicting the performance of individual players, although this form of betting tends to be rarer as it is much more difficult than just simply choosing the winning team.

There have been many success stories of individuals who have won big betting on baseball games, and this tradition is far from extinction.


Another American favorite, football has been around for quite some time. Betting on a football game is very similar to betting on a baseball game in the sense that most people place money on the team they believe will win. Since football is such a large American sport, betting on games is extremely popular during the regular season and becomes even more popular as playoffs roll around. There are thousands of resources for the average recreational better to place a smart, informed bet on an American football game, leading many to prefer betting on football over anything else.

Reasons why basketball is a great sport to gamble on

Apart from being the most prominent game in the world, basketball is also widely viewed. Each team consists of five players who compete against each other by trying to throw a ball through a 300 cm high basket. It can be played both inside and outside a court.

Numerous techniques are applied in basketball for instance passing, dribbling, rebounding, shooting and defense. The sports sector provides great opportunities to bettors by offering them variety of games to choose from and betting on basketball is one of them. Here are few justifications on why it is the best sport to gamble on.

  • It has fewer key players per team

As we have mentioned above, basketball consists of roughly five players on each team who control the result of the game. One player can modify the course of a season for the basketball team. This will definitely enable you keep track of injuries that occur to main players. You do not need to be worried or rather scared while joining the baseball game. It is a safe game to engage in as it is easy to keep a track of all players. Once you are injured you can easily be noticed and given a quick medication to ease the pains.

Always focus on the top odds to increase your chance of winning the bet. In addition, avoid betting on novice players unless they prove to be productive on the court. You will need to be tactic while betting. The top odds are a great deal and you may consider such a bet for a possible win.

  • Basketball offers several games

Each basketball season offers immense alternatives of games to gamble on especially during the regular season. Even after the regular season winds up, you can still bet on conference tournament games.

A lot of bettors find comfort in betting with conference tournament games mainly because it helps them compile data on participating teams and the likely drawbacks that they have.

  • The competitive distinction between top and bottom is larger in basketball

One of the safest yet most rewarding bets is that of strong team at home against weak team (check out NBA 뉴스  for a detailed explanation). You can use this gap to place winning bets, mainly if you bet on the money line.

Well, this competitive variances may seem like a top notch tactic but most bettors fail to use it. With good analyzing abilities, you can find this information worthy.

With the help of these tips, it is clear that basketball is indeed the best sport to gamble on. Taking into account the various tricks used, you will be sure to benefit from the game. It is not only one of the most interesting games but also the safest game to engage in.

Can you actually win money gambling on online slots?

Many people are pursuing online gambling options as opposed to visiting physical casinos. There are a ton of benefits that are associated with online casinos but many people have doubts as to the validity of the games and question if you can actually win when gambling in an online casino. This is particularly true in games like slots that are primarily luck based and are not exactly traceable to the results. Here are some of the keys associated with understanding if you can actually win money playing online slots given that the results from online slot machines is particularly hard to identify and quantify.

Can you Win in Online Slots?

As noted above, many people are uncertain whether or not they can actually win in online slots, namely as the game is risk based and a couple of losing hands may create thoughts that it is impossible to win at agen IDN slot. Online casinos are regulated businesses and need to publish the odds of winning in slot games in many locations and these records can provide some real insight into the likelihood of winning in the various hands that you are playing in. You can read these results to show the chances for winning in online slots. Further, online casinos that do not have good odds to win will shed their user base which is certainly not in the best interests of players. Therefore, you certainly do have the ability to win in online slots games, but the odds will fluctuate widely based on the online casino that you are using.

Finding a Good Online Casino for Online Slots

It is a good idea to do some research on the online casinos that you utilize. Look into the reputation of the online casino, the odds for winning at each slots game that you are interested in playing and get an idea of the different bonuses that are available for players who play. Some online casinos will offer players sign-on bonuses for players for signing into the platform and depositing funds into the online casino, but also for playing an increasing number of games in online casinos. Timing the various bonuses that are out there can help a player of online slots to be more effective overall.

Should I play Online Slots?

Online slots can be a fun game for players and there are a lot of opportunities to play and enjoy as time goes on. While it may not be the online casino game with the best odds out there, it is possible to win and do more effective while playing online casino games like slots. Further, if you enjoy playing slot games, an online casino gives you many more opportunities to play and enjoy and it can be enjoyable to do so.

How to make solid football bets during Euro Cup 2020?

It is not good enough to place bets on Euro Cup 2020 this year and not worry about doing your research beforehand.


In fact, if you do want to be sure you are making solid football bets during Euro Cup 2020, here are a few tips of things you should do before you place that first bet.


Take your time placing bets — Remember, Euro Cup 2020 involves 24 teams and takes place over a month’s time. This gives you plenty of time to place bets.


That is why most professional football gamblers take their time placing their first bets in Euro Cup 2020. After all, it is better to spend the first week of play watching each team’s matches. You will then get more of an idea of the teams that are likely to do well further on in the tournament and those that will probably be eliminated.


You can begin placing bets when you have more information about each team, as these well-informed bets are likely to be more solid.


Research team history — One of the most important things to know before placing any bets on Euro Cup 2020 match outcomes is how each team historically does against other teams?


How well does Germany usually play against the United Kingdom? Is Russia a better team to bet on than Scotland, or will Hungary easily defeat Israel?


Know the history of teams playing against each other going in, and you can much more easily predict what will happen during Euro Cup 2020.


Never bet more than 10% of your bankroll — Make sure you keep strict control of your bankroll and never place more than 10% of the entire amount as a bet.


While 10% will probably not bring you huge winnings if you place a smart bet, it will allow you to continue betting through the entire month of taruhan piala euro Cup 2020 without running out of funds.


Avoid placing bets as a fan — The main thing professional gamblers never do is bet as a fan.


This means, if your favorite team is playing in Euro Cup 2020, only bet on games if you feel they are capable of winning without any doubt in your mind at all. If, however, you would be placing a bet with the hope they could win, avoid that bet and bet on a different team instead.


After all, most fans that bet on their favorite team tend to lose more than they win.


Keep an eye on the favorites — It is best not to place bets on the favorites right at the beginning of the tournament.


While Portugal and Germany may do well, you should watch their first few matches before spending your money on them, as surprising things can happen in the beginning rounds.

Winning at domino qiu qiu is simple if you follow these tips

Anyone just starting out playing domino qiu qiu at an online casino (e.g. judi online) knows how frustrating it can be.

Games move faster than offline, your opponents are usually more skilled and the platform itself can be difficult to learn.

Start off your online gameplay with these simple tips, however, and it will be much more likely that you will win.


Prepare yourself for more difficult gameplay — Improve your skills before you get too serious about playing domino qiu qiu online.


You can do this by reading domino qiu qiu strategy books, looking at websites that specialize in domino qiu qiu tips or by watching YouTube videos of other people playing.


The better your skills are once you begin to seriously play online, the more fun it will be and the better your chances of a win.


Understand the rules — While you may think you understand all the rules of domino qiu qiu, it is likely there are some you have forgotten.


Be sure you understand every rule in the game and how it affects gameplay. If you do, you will also find your ability to make decision while playing will be faster as well.


Speed up your gameplay — You cannot play domino qiu qiu online and be a slow player. Games move too quickly, your opponents expect you to make decisions rapidly and anyone that cannot will soon be out of the game.


Practice playing quickly and making fast decision, and you will find yourself enjoying the game much more once you get online.


Pay attention to what your opponents are doing — Never become so fixated on your own game you forget there are other people in the online room playing against you.


Pay attention to every move your opponents make and try to anticipate what they will do next. The more you are aware of what their strategy may be, the easier it will be to decide upon your own.


Play more games — You will find playing domino qiu qiu online usually means higher variance rates. In other words, you will probably lose more often than you do offline.


You can combat this new reality, however, by simply playing more games. The more games you play, the lower your variance rate will become and the faster you will begin to win again if you ever get into a slump.


Walk away from losing streaks — If you are beginning to lose every hand, however, it is time to walk away from the casino and play again when your luck has changed.


After all, chasing losing streaks rarely ends up with a good outcome and could mean you spend your bankroll much faster than you can afford.

These online casino gambling tips could help you win big

Before you spend time gambling on an online casino, you should arm yourself with the information you need to improve your chances of a win.

Information like these excellent online casino gambling tips that could help you win big.

Having a tight bankroll is key — More than any other tip to follow, make sure you create a bankroll and stick tight to the daily allowance you allow yourself from it.

That means, once you have reached your daily gambling limit, do not borrow money from an upcoming day, or continue to spend even though your daily limit has already gone.

This will allow you to come back another day when your luck is better and winning may be more likely.

Play the best RTP slots — RTP, or Return to Player, is the percentage of time a slot machine pays out. A high RTP means your returns when playing will be much higher than if playing a slot with a low RTP.

If you will be playing the slots, there are websites you can look at to find out what machines usually have the best RTP rate. Make a note of the ones with the highest rate and stick to just playing them.

Play the games with lowest house advantage — In most online casinos, the games with the lowest house advantage are blackjack, roulette, the slots, craps and baccarat.

Play these games and your chances of winning compared to the house winning are automatically higher.

The games with the lowest volatility — There are also games with a low volatility rate and those with a higher one. This means the ones with a high volatility rate may pay out larger amounts, but they are not as predictable as those with lower volatility.

If you want to maximize your chances of winning, be sure to find out what games in a casino have the lowest volatility and play those. You may win smaller amounts, but you will usually win.

Keep your winnings separate — One of the best ways to ensure you never walk away with nothing is to keep your winnings separate.

Once your bankroll has been spent, you can then stop playing secure in the knowledge you will still have some money left.

Do not chase losses — Along with the above, never chase losses. Even if you truly believe the next spin or hand is going to be the big one.

Most online gamblers discover once they begin to lose frequently they continue to lose. This is why it is best to walk away when your losses are becoming noticeable. You can then return another day when your luck is better.


Two Betting Strategies When Gambling on Soccer Online

Did you know that soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world? The popularity of the sport also makes it one of the best sports to gamble on online platforms. In addition to the sport’s popularity, judi bola online offers one of the best gambling options — to both professionals and newbies. It is, however, vital to the point that most people lose games when gambling on online platforms because they do not have playing strategies. The following are some of the best strategies you should try, whether you are a professional or a newbie.

Increase your winning chances by either ‘playing double chance’ or ‘Last minute goal’ strategies

Unlike most sports, soccer has three expected results — a team can lose, win, or draw. When you place a bet as ‘double chance,’ you automatically increase your winning chances by more than 33%. If team A is playing team B, you can choose the two possible results and whichever the game results, your prediction stands a 66% winning chances. Since soccer is sometimes unpredictable, it is advisable to manage your expectations by placing this bet wisely. However, the winning odds are lower — compared to other gambling strategies.

On the other hand, you can play the ‘last-minute goal,’ which you predict which team will score the last goal. In the world of soccer, it is easy to predict the team that will likely score the last goal — depending on their past performance and the overall performance in a match. For example, a team that has a lower possession during the game is more likely to score the last goal — with an attempt to equalize the score. If the soccer match is final of a competition, it is hard to predict which team will score the winning goal, but ball possession should give a rough estimation on which side is likely to score the winning goal. Unlike other strategies, the winning odds in this strategy are lower.

Improve your overall winning chances by using ‘multi-bets’ strategy

Did you know that you could place a single bet to multiple games in soccer? On average, most football bets give less than 2.0 odd chances but playing multi-bet is a chance for you to increase your winning odds up to 100.0 (depending on the number of games you are predicting). For example, if you are placing a bet for two matches with an odd of 1.5 each, you stand a chance to win three times the value you had placed since the winning odds will be 3.0. However, all your prediction must be correct in a multi-bet. If one prediction for example, is incorrect and the other correct, you lose.

Lastly, it is advisable to do background research when placing a bet. Unlike other sports, you can make accurate predictions on soccer. However, it is wise to understand that every team has equal chances to equalize or to win.